My name is Gabriel Belthir. I'm a published author of six short stories, two novels, a novella, and a gaming system. I'm the formatting editor for a publisher, Inkstained Succubus Press. I attended college at the University of Memphis for Theater, English, and Business.  In my spare time, I play role-playing games, chase around a spouse and a niece, write, go camping, and crochet, lest the world ever require saving by use of strangely multicolored scarves.

I started this company when I was with our press at conventions and kept running into self-published authors and small press authors who had a great product, but not the greatest presentation. Their talents lay in storytelling, and they were left very much on their own when it came to getting it to their readers. I knew I could help. After the labor of love that all manuscripts are, making it look great should be the easy part. I've always loved my job - helping new authors give birth to the products of their minds is some of the most rewarding, fulfilling work. So the purpose of this company is an extension of that, for those who want to make a go of it on their own without sacrificing the professional look that's going to make their product work for them.

Our Integrity Promise

We promise a quality product in a timely manner. We promise to treat each person with equal respect, regardless of gender preference, sexual orientation, religion, race, or creed, though we reserve the right to refuse work for time constraint reasons. We offer an extended 60 day service contract once one is signed, so that every detail is cared for. And most of all, we promise to give every manuscript the kind of careful attention that's called for with every creative endeavor.